Cartoon image of students working out how the black box works

Physics Education

I studied both my Physics degree and PGCE at Durham University. After teaching in a variety of schools in north-east England, including Barnard Castle School and, most recently, St Leonard’s in Durham, now I mostly work writing physics textbooks for school.

Plus some examining, and schools advisory work, for the AQA exam board. Oh, and the British Council in France regularly have me over for Astronomy workshops in French schools.

Then there’s training of teachers, both trainees on their PGCE course, and CPD for working teachers. This includes using some awesome teaching resources from Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

And I’m the inventor of the Best Fit Line Ruler so I have a small business making and selling those. Find out about the lightbulb moment when the idea came to me in this interview for the Pearson International Schools Community website

Physics Portfolio

Having written physics materials for Pearson Education since 1999, I now have an extensive back catalogue. That now includes materials written for a wide range of publishers, including BBC Bitesize, Oxford University Press, and Kognity.

Teacher Training

Since September 2017, I’ve been the PGCE Physics tutor at Newcastle University, teaching trainee science teachers all about how teach physics.

I also undertake teacher training CPD workshops on behalf of Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, training practising teachers, both in the UK and in France.

Best Fit Line Rulers

One of the most simple and yet brilliant stationery inventions of recent times! When hand drawing a scatter graph, the Best Fit Line Ruler will help to decide visually the best place to draw the straight best fit line to show the pattern of the data points.