Copies of The Times of Malthus by Miles Hudson, paperback, kindle and phone versions.

The Times of Malthus

The prequel to 2089 is finally here… published on 20th April 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

2020s life is hard for Ellie and Loshie, growing up, getting married and settling down in Brighton. And then comes the pandemic, inflation, strikes, polarising politics and climate change.

The Bitness Revelations, in 2028, expose universal corruption and exploitation. The people’s rage destroys governments and corporations everywhere. Societal collapse soon follows, and Ellie and Loshie’s lives become a daily fight to survive.

With nothing left to lose, they make one final throw of the dice: a cross-country journey in search of sanctuary. But in these Times of Malthus, will anywhere be safe? Does a new form of surveillance technology offer hope, or a return to oppression?

Audiopt technology can record everything you see and hear. There can be no secrets.

Is total surveillance the answer?

How about listening to the first few pages? Here’s a video of me reading them for you…