The Kidney Killer by M M Hudson cover titles

The Kidney Killer

The Second Penfold mystery!

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 A kidnap, a theft, and a murderous moon-worshipping cult: Detective Sergeant Milburn has his work cut out to solve several cases that all appear at once.

Milburn’s job is trickier as both victims are friends with his girlfriend. He desperately needs to solve the cases but has to keep his personal involvement secret. With the clock ticking down on the fate of the second missing woman, the pressure ramps up.

Penfold, the detective’s enigmatic surfer friend, is called on to help investigate. His puzzle-solving genius helps sift real clues from red herrings. The struggle for leads is constant, until it becomes clear that Penfold and Milburn are, in fact, central to all the crimes.

This is the second Penfold mystery novel, set in Durham in the north of England.

Here’s a review from a fan on Goodreads:
Enjoyed this DS Millburn and Penfold Novel. As with the first book Milburn seems to stumble across information that then allows Penfold to direct Milburn in the direction of the culprit. Penfold the laid back Aussie surf bum has the intelligence to assimilate the clues whilst Milburn does the police work and has access to the resources to assist. DC Meridith hovers in the background seeming to haunt Milburn. The case seems to hinge on an ancient cult and their need to regenerate and then a second crime is committed which pulls the two themes together. Good book and enjoyed reading another Milburn and Penfold adventure.

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