Miles is away writing the sequel so can’t post any books out this summer.


You can still get 2089 from AMAZON

Picture of Miles Hudson's novel 2089 in paperback

The blurb for 2089

“The year is 2089, and technologists have developed a system for remotely tapping into the optic and auditory nerves of all humans. Everything that people see and hear is detected and this is published publicly online; nothing can be secret. It is the ultimate surveillance society.       

Jack Smith blows up the old GCHQ building in Cheltenham, destroying the surveillance computers. He goes on the run across post-apocalyptic Gloucestershire, with old friend Vicky Truva. The two are chased by a ragtag posse, including Vicky’s brothers, intent on bringing the apparent revolutionaries to justice. However, the fugitives have the advantage that the information and surveillance network is down…”

Recent Physics textbook titles include Edexcel’s GCSE Science and Additional Science scheme course books and Edexcel A level Physics Students’ books (the exam board recommended book) and then the same for the International A Level for Edexcel Physics, and the perennial Longman 11-14 Physics.

Have a look at all of these on Amazon.

You can check out all of Miles’ physics books by clicking the link to Amazon

And then there’s the amazing Best Fit Line Ruler.Photo of the Best Fit Line Ruler with a pencil lying on it